HiddenTag® For Name Card

Anti-Counterfeiting Business Card Service

HiddenTag® for Name Card - Prevention of ID Theft,

There have been incidents, where brands and organizations depreciated in value due to identity theft. For prevention, some use have used business cards with QR codes, but such cards are vulnerable to theft. HiddenTag For Name Card is produced by only CK&B, so that we can protect you from such incidents, and protect your brand value.

HiddenTag for Name Card - A Convenient Identification Solution

명함에 히든태그 포함 - 히든태그 앱으로 검증 - 명함 위변조 여부 확인 및 주소록 저장 / 명함 사이즈 규격 : 90mm*50mm(변경가능)

Name Card : A Card you can Rely On

HiddenTag for Name Card is an identical solution to HiddenTag, which provides authenticity verification service for imports and exports. Information on Name Card can be modified by authorized CK&B admins, and only CK&B provides the HiddenTag App service 인식 후 명함 정보와 원본 데이터, 실제 인물 대조

Use of Marketing strategy

Unlike other business cards, HiddenTag for Name Card enables people to fully recognize my identity, and to easily register information on name card. 한 번 주고 받은 명함으로 조직 이름, 개인 이름 등 정보를 확실하게 인지시키기 가능

Name Card : A Card That Allows Easy Verification of Identity

The Name Card information can be easily verified by our app without specific tools. HiddenTag App can be downloaded from all application markets such as Google Play, Apple store, One store and Chinese app stores.

Production Process of HiddenTag for Name Card

인사 정보 및 사진 템플릿 전달 - 명함 및 랜딩페이지 제작 - 고객사 컨펌 후 납품

Free to Design

General Hidden Tag Business Card

It's simple to make with enterprise CI, BI, etc. Both general and wide Hidden Tags are available.

Photo Hidden Tag Business Card

Make photo HiddenTag business card using the picture that you give.

Design Hidden Tag Business Card

The overall design allows both functional and aesthetic elements to be obtained at the same time.

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