HiddenTag® For Forensic

Service for Detecting Illegal Copy Makers of Contents

Service Configuration and Processes

  • Inserting buyer information, distribution channels, user information etc in an invisible way that cannot be identified by person.
  • Embedding the information of subscribers collected in real-time, before airing the protected content on TV.
  • Identifying and tracking the illegal distributor by detecting the information initially embedded into original content, which is also persisted in copied
  • Technology helps distinguishing the authorized distributor (original buyer) and illegal distributor who initially copied the original content by detecting
      the watermark after distribution for providing the data to contents merchandiser.
Embedding HiddenTag for Forensic Watermark > Distribution > Detecting HiddenTag for forensic Watermark > The First Illegal copy Maker

Feature of HiddenTag® Forensic Watermark

  • HiddenTag Forensic watermark embedded content does not have a resistance to general consumers because there is no difference in image quality
      from the original.
  • Control over the process of distribution is enabled by tracking the illegal copy creators when illegally reproduced content is distributed online.
No Visible Difference

HiddenTag® Forensic Watermark is

HiddenTag for Forensic Watermark is the proprietary technology of CK&B enables tracking distributors and distribution channel for OTT sevices, such as Vod, mobile IPTV, Webtoon, education contents, ect., by invisibly embedding information. It is the ideal substitute of existing technologies such as CAS, DRM, and digital watermark.

With Existing Protecting Skills (CAS, DRM, Digital Watermark)

HiddenTag® Forensic Mark CAS DRM Digital Watermark
Purpose Piracy tracking with user ID detection Management of content usage rights
(Restrict users from accessing, Access control of subscribers)
Control over the restriction criteria of content usage
(Content Encryption/Recovering)
Distinguishing contents creator
Management point Post release Prior to release Prior to release Post release
Proof of Copyright Possible Impossible Impossible Possible
Piracy Tracking Possible Impossible Impossible Impossible
Compatibility Excellent Very Low Very Low Excellent

Service Providing by

  • Embedder : Embedding information
  • Detector : Detecting the previously embedded information by embedder
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