HiddenTag® For Multimedia

Content Copyrights Protection Service

HiddenTag® For Multimedia

HiddenTag For Multimedia is a solution, developed through the world’s best digital watermark technologies.
Through the accurate and quick content information tagging technology, it provides various detection services as well as protection of the copyright of the content.
Original content > Watermarking of the copyright holder’s information > Distribution/change and reproduction > Watermark verification(copyright holder’s verification) > Extraction of the inserted watermark information(owner/generating date/homepage link, etc.)


  • Accurate and rapid detection of image files distributed on/offline
  • Outstanding corporate promotion through the automatic insertion of logos and images
  • Protection of professional photographs, medical and military images, and utilization in various field by inserting metadata


  • Full protection of audio sources distributed on/offline
  • Piracy tracking and protecting the ownership of the audio data copyright holders


  • Protecting copyrights of diverse image contents such as IPTV, animation, movie, educational video, and so on
  • Monitoring real-time advertisement by inserting watermark to the content

HiddenTag Invisible

Through HiddenTag Invisible, information is hidden in the image.
Copyrights over the image can be verified through the special detectors.
Invisible Watermark Inserted Image = No difference as compared to the original

  • Tracking down illegal content distribution (Finger Printing) and verifying copyright owners
  • Content filtering through Meta data insertion/ detection
  • Transfer of confidential and private information, etc.
  • Accurate and quick detection of on/offline distribution of image files
  • Protection of professional photograph, medical and military images, and multiple application by inserting Meta data
  • File Formats: JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, TGA, etc. (upon customer’s preferences)
  • Image Minimum size: 64*64
  • Image Maximum size : 10,000*10,000(10.000x10.000(any size over the maximum size may be supported at the request of the customer)


KTO, National Museum of Korea, Cultural Heritage Administration, Namhae Tour, KBS, SBS..

HiddenTag Visible

Through HiddenTag Visible the inserted information is translucent.
This allows showing the ownership of the image copyright, thus preventing from piracy.
Original image + Visible watermark = Visible watermark inserted image

  • Embedding user’s LOGO
  • Providing options to choose text font and colors when writing the information
  • Supporting various media formats
  • Freely used on various OS and Hardware
  • Real-time and Batch processing
  • Supporting S/W library, supporting various environments
  • Quick responds to the user’s demand by providing SDK
  • Embedder configuration


KTO, KORRA, Samsung Digital Imagineg..
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