HiddenTag® For Document

On/Offline Document Protection Service

HiddenTag® For Document

HiddenTag for Document enables inserting authenticity information inside the corporate logo or seal on the official letter of private or public organizations, requiring no further scanner, which can be easily detected by a Smart device.
With HiddenTag for Document, you can preserve the value of your on/offline information.
1.You can access the document content through the encoded image of the seal/logo / 2.Detect falsification by comparing the issued document with the scanned result

Comparison of HiddenTag® for Document with the existing document protection technologies

HiddenTag Document cannot be imitated.
Accordingly, during document forgery the data of the original document is detected on the copied HiddenTag, not matching the content of the document.
Comparison of HiddenTag for Document with the existing document protection technologies : Table

2D Barcode

After saving the document content in 2D Barcode, it is compared to the original document through barcode decoding.
For barcode decoding exclusive or general-purpose scanner is needed. Accordingly, barcode detection program or web server linkages are required.

QR Code

The content of the document is saved in QR code and can be easily checked through smartphones.
Thus, anybody can imitate QR code; moreover, the landing page may also be forged.

Features of HiddenTag® For Document, a Smart Solution against Document Forgery

Easy Application

Through seals, marks, and various images it is possible to detect the forgery.
The image can be embedded both on smart stickers, and through individual printing.
Embedding the code in the seal or the image mark / Features:customized design / Size:20mm*20mm(adjustable)

Same format, different information

Even though all the images of HiddenTag for Document look alike, they all carry different information.
By inserting the original information without damaging the standards of the document it is possible to check the document for forgery.

Ease of Use

HiddenTag enables you to verify the product authenticity through the mobile application, without requiring any other scanner or program.
The application can be downloaded from the App store, Google play, and the Chinese app markets.

HiddenTag® For Document System Processing

user:reauest to issue > issuing institution:document generation-mobile document generation > embedding in the document > user:Receipt of the document > user:document submission > recipient:mobile verification - Comparing with the original document

HiddenTag® For Document Service organization

HiddenTag Generating Module / HiddenTag Index / HiddenTag App / HiddenTag Report / HiddenTag Maintenance

HiddenTag® For Document Service Provision

Module providing ways / Ways  of providing image data / Process of providing printed stickers
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