HiddenTag® For C.O.P.

Anti-Counterfeit Watermarking Solution

Smart Hologram Label HiddenTag (HiddenTag® For C.O.P.)

HiddenTag is the most secure authentication verification solution that uses advanced digital watermarking technology.

Brand Integration Management Solution, HiddenTag

히든태그 도입 - 제품 위조 방지 - 불법 복제품 대응 - 투명한 유통관리 - 소비자와의 커뮤니케이션 - 모바일 브랜드 마케팅 - 히든태그 커머스 입점 - 브랜드 가치 극대화

Current Brand Market

중국 수출 제품 3개 중 1개가 짝퉁 / 제품 가격 표준화의 어려움으로 인한 매출 감소 / 소비자 피해로 인한 제품 가치 및 브랜드 신뢰도 하락

Multi-Factor Security System

HiddenTag is multi-factor certification of product service.
First visual verification with check HiddenTag label on product, scan with HiddenTag app to authenticate and the last verify through the server monitoring.
Also, HiddenTag provides a service that recognizes unique IDs and associates them with various information.
1.육안 검증(홀로그램, 디자인) / 2.앱을 통한 검증(라벨 고유 데티어 검증) / 3.서버 모니터링을 통한 검증(사용자GPS, 인식횟수, 인식패턴)

Customized Label Design

Digital fingerprint cannot be defined by sight.
All, images will show identical images however digital fingerprint will be detected different.

Various Mobile Service

Various mobile services can be provided through wireless Internet.
HiddenTag apps also run on low-cost smartphones.
We support not only Korea and global, but also the local app store market in China.

Why HiddenTag? (Features Comparison)

HiddenTag stands out in the brand protection market with its customized design, strong security, and economic efficiency.

- Customized design match with clients’ brand image.
- High level security by the proprietary technology.
- Economic efficiency of being supported by various Smartphone’s.

It is innovative product authentication solution that allows end-users to check the product authenticity easily with their Smartphone’s.
HiddenTag® For C.O.P. General Hologram QR Bar Code NFC&RFID
Security ★★★ ★★★
Functionality ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Compatibillity ★★★ ★★★
Design ★★★ ★★☆ ☆☆
Economical ★★★ ★★★ ★★☆

General Hologram

Customers cannot manually recognize whether the hologram pattern is genuine or counterfeit 일반 홀로그램 이미지


QR code is an open-source data service. Does not support security which is inappropriate for product authentication. QR코드 이미지


Being quire expensive, NFC (RFID) is not economically feasible.
Depending on the country specific frequency, there is a chance that it cannot be scanned.
Also it is not supported by IOS

Strategic Benefits of Implementing HiddenTag C.O.P

There are a number of reasons why many brands choose HiddenTag C.O.P. over other anti-counterfeit technologies. 투명한 유통관리:모니터링을 통한 유통이력 확인. 채널별 유통현황 파악. / 매출 20% ~ 30% 상승:중국 내 이미테이션 제품 비율 33% 추정. 고객사 평균 발주 증가량 30%. / 브랜드 신뢰도 강화:가품 화장품 사용자의 피해 감소. 사용자의 브랜드 충성도 상승. / 브랜드 친밀도 향상:소비자와 모바일 커뮤니케이션 가능. 고객관리 채널 확대.

Transparent Distribution Management

Increase your profit and revenue by transparent distribution management
  • Based on monitoring surveillance program identify fakes
  • Based on the results of fake products increase authentic production to expand market
히든태그 주문량 그래프 / 히든태그 도입 후, 지속적 모니터링을 통해 단속시점이 지나면 주문량이 상승합니다.

Cooperation with law enforcement agencies during Forgery

CK&B cooperates with Seoul Customs Office and Korea Tourist Police during the crackdown of forged goods.
With the help of our services, it was possible to identify and catch the fake product maker of more than 15 billion units.
실제 단속 적발 뉴스 보도 사례

Extension of Communication Channels with Consumers

Consumers, using HiddenTag to check your product’s information, are your customers.
We provide channels to communicate with them.
We give you the opportunity to directly communicate with your customers through HiddenTag app.

The No.1 Authenticity Verification Service

HiddenTag is the no.1 authenticity verification service selected by over 1100 companies with the most references in the industry.
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