HiddenTag® For C.O.P. Label Types

Enhanced Security with HiddenTag

HiddenTag® Labels

HiddenTag smart hologram labels offer brand identity with their customized design and strong security.

Types and Sizes

The minimum sizes of our General and Wide Type Labels are 12*12(mm) and 20*8(mm) with bigger sizes available.
We also provide customized labels with your company or brand logo, picture of the brand ambassador and others.
HiddenTag design, Scan·Copy sample, General Type, Wide Type, Append Type, Special Type

Label Options

Hidddentag offers customizable options for high-quality and anti—copy purpose. Destructive Type / Scratch-off Type / Seal Type

HiddenTag® For C.O.P Materials

Various materials available to HiddenTag

Label Materials & Types

HiddenTag label materials are available in a full range of materials, patterns and colors for specific uses.

Delivery Forms of HiddenTag Labels

Different methods of delivery upon customer’s preferences

Delivery Methods

We provide different forms of delivery to match your production facility.

Sheet Form

Sheet form is provided for the manual application of labels. Sheet Form

Roll Form

Roll form is used when labels are applied to products, using automatic or non-automatic labeling machines and applicators. Roll Form
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